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Peter Haining – The Nightmare Reader Vol 1

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Nightmare Reader Vol 1 (Pan, 1976)

Preface – Peter Haining
Introduction: “What Hath Light Wrought?” – Isaac Asimov

Matthew Lewis – The Midnight Embrace [extract from “The Monk”}
Mary Shelley – The Transformation
Washington Irving – The Bold Dragoon
Thomas de Quincy – Levana And Our Lady Of Sorrows
Lord Lytton – The Magician
Edgar Allan Poe – Berenice
J. S. Le Fanu – The Drunkard’s Dream
C. F. Hoffman – The Man In The Reservoir
Lafcadio Hearn – Haceldama
Madame Blavatsky – The Ensouled Violin
Ambrose Bierce – Visions Of The Night
Arthur Machen – The Soldier’s Rest
Lord Dunsany – The Bureau D’Exchange De Maux

Thirteen supernatural stories from the past two hundred years dealing with different facets of the mind unbalanced

Peter Haining – The Nightmare Reader: Volume 2 (Pan, 1976)

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle – The Silver Mirror
Aleister Crowley – The Testament Of Magdalen Blair
H. G. Wells – A Dream Of Armageddon
M. R. James – A School Story
Montague Summers – The Grimoire
H. P. Lovecraft – The Evil Clergyman
August Derleth – The Slayers And The Slain
John Gawsworth [& Edgar Jepson] – The Shifting Growth
Algernon Blackwood – Along Came A Spider
Robert Bloch – The Head Hunter
Ray Bradbury – The Haunting Of The New
Arthur C. Clarke – The Curse

Twelve supernatural stories to enthrall lovers of the occult – all dealing with different facets of the mind unbalanced.

This and Volume two were published in one volume by Gollancz in 1973

Nightmare Reader Gollancz


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