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W. H. Cozens – Pan Book of Revenge Stories

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

W. H. Cozens (ed.) – The Pan Book of Revenge Stories (1971)

Revenge orthodox and unorthodox – a wild justice, an inexorable hate, a triumph over death, hot as the fires of Hell, cold as Arctic depths, a sweetness to woman, and it’s own executioner.

Introduction – W. H. Cozens

W. W. Jacobs – Captain Rogers
Jack London – The Sun-Dog Trail
Jack Cope – Stonewall’s Ghost
Guy De Maupassant – A Vendetta
John P. Foran – No Alibi
John McGhee – Little Kind Of Fellow
Saki – Laura
Brian Cleeve – The Revenge Of Big Michael
H. G. Wells – The Cone
David Alexander – Scarecrow
Arthur Gordon – Arctic Vengeance
John Steinbeck – The Murder
A. Neil Lyons – The Honeymoon
Edgar Allan Poe – The Cask Of Amontillado


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