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Stephen Jones & Clarence Padget – Dark Voices

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Stephen Jones  &  Clarence Padget  (eds) –  Dark Voices: The Best From The Pan Book Of Horror Stories  (Pan, 1990)

Dark Voices

Cover: Dave McKean

Introductory Note – Herbert Van Thal
Foreword: Dark Voices – The Editors

Alan Ryan – Baby’s Blood (from #25) chosen by Stephen Gallagher
Stephen King – The Mangler(from #21) chosen by James Herbert
Stanley Ellin – The Speciality Of The House(from #2) Clive Barker
Basil Copper – Camera Obscura (from #6) chosen by Charles L. Grant
John Lennon – No Flies On Frank (from #6) chosen by F. Paul Wilson
Harry Harrison – The Streets Of Ashkelon (from #7) chosen by Brian W. Aldiss
Robert Bloch – Lucy Comes To Stay (from #4) chosen by Graham Masterton
George Langelaan – The Fly (from #2) chosen by David Cronenberg
Ray Bradbury – The Emissary (from #4) chosen by Dennis Etchison
Ian McEwen – Pornography (from #22) chosen by Shaun Hutson
Robert Aickman – Ringing The Changes (from #4) chosen by Peter Straub
Robert Holdstock – The Quiet Girl (from #19) chosen by Robert R. McCammon
David Case – The Hunter (from #12) chosen by Ramsey Campbell

Afterword: Bringing The Horror Back Home – Stephen Jones
The Pan Book Of Horror Stories: Index to Vol.1 – 30.

An incredibly safe collection, but other than F. Paul Wilson’s bizarre selection as his pick from the series, there’s nothing remotely bad in here. Bar Gallagher, Campbell, McCammon and Hutson, the rest have opted for stories that give you no idea what the series is like. Chances are, if you own three or four “Classic Horror” style collections, you’ll already have half of these. The book is dedicated to the late Rosemary Timperley, but not one woman gets a look in. Alex White, Elizabeth Walter, Dorothy K. Haynes and Timperley were regular contributors of fine stories and had far more to do with the series than, say, Stephen King, whose contributions had already been published extensively long before Pan picked them up.


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