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Rosemary Timperley – The Ninth Ghost Book

Posted by demonik on May 31, 2008

Rosemary Timperley –  The Ninth Ghost Book (Pan Books, 1975)

Book Cover

Gilbert Phelps – Who Were You With Last Night?
Christopher Hood – The White Citroen
Kit Pedler – White Caucasian Male
Maggie Ross – When the Music’s Over Turn Out the Lights
Richard Selmer – The Violet Lady
L.P. Hartley – The Stain on the Chair
Kay Batchelor – The Spirit was Willing
Rosemary Timperley – Sister Varden
John Hynam – One for My Baby
James Turner – Love Me Love My Car
Jean Stubbs – Jarvey’s Kingdoms
William Trevor – George and Alice and Isabel
John Burke – False Harmonic
Giles Gordon – Crampton Manor
John Moat – Chope’s Retreat
George Mackay Brown – Brig-o-Dread

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scan!


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