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John Burke – More Tales of Unease

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

John Burke – More Tales of Unease (Pan 1969)

John Burke - More Tales Of Unease

Andrea Newman – She’ll be Company for You
Herbert Harris – The Escort
Virginia Ironside – The Young Squire
Miles Tripp – Snow
John Christopher – A Cry of Children
Arnost Lustig – The Beginning and the End
Jeffry Scott – He Said I Could
John Brummer – Speech is Silver
Stewart Farrar – The Girl in Question
Christine Hickman – So Dark the Rose
Alexander Walton – Clegson’s Folly
Elizabeth Lemarchand – Time to be Going
Penelope Wallace – Tell David…
Alex Hamilton – The Flies on the Wall
Victor Lucas – Here Comes a Candle
R. Andrew Hall – Split Image
E. C. Tubb – Little Girl Lost
Michael Cornish – They’ll Have to Go
Alan C. Jenkins – The Blind Man
Stephen Meadows – Frances
Arthur Sellings – Jukebox
John Burke – Be our Guest

Thanks to blackmonk of Vault for providing the coverscan and details of this one.


One Response to “John Burke – More Tales of Unease”

  1. benhammy said

    I remember my dad used to have this book. Suffice to say when I was kid this cover scared the bejesus out of me – and still gives me the jitters even now as a 40+ grown-up!

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