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Aidan Chambers – Bumper Book of Ghost Stories

Posted by demonik on May 31, 2008

Aidan Chambers (ed.) – The Bumper Book of Ghost Stories (Pan Books, 1976)

(Omnibus of The Tenth Ghost Book & The Eleventh Ghost Book)

Bumper Ghost Book

Michael Delving – Recoil
Jean Stubbs – An Evening at the Cromers’
Dorothy K. Haynes – The Fort
L.P. Davies – End Game
Barry Sutton – The Tale of Caseley Halt
George Mackay Brown – Soldier From the War Returning
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Coloured Transmission
Peter Dickinson – Mystery Man
Brian Morse – A Jealous Ghost
Joan Aiken – Furry Night
Frederick Bradnum – The Lady of Long Lawns
John Burke – Leave of Absence
Albert Rowe – The Case of Dr A.D. Hunter
Victoria Williams – Rest in Peace
Christopher Leach – Private Meadows
Rosemary Timperley – Little Girl Lost
William Trevor – The Death of Peggy Morrissey
Victoria Williams – Refuge for the Heart
George Mackay Brown: The Pirate’s Ghost
Dorothy K. Haynes – Kiss of Life
Giles Gordon – Peake
John Rowe Townsend – Trying to Connect You
Petronella Breinburg – Na Jorka fo Bekoisi
Brian Morse – Hope Cottages
Frederick Bradnum – Folly
John Burke – The Custodian
Jean Stubbs – The Band in the Park
Christopher Leach – The Trouble With Nathan

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scan!


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Rosemary Timperley – The Fifth Ghost Book

Posted by demonik on May 31, 2008

Rosemary Timperley – The Fifth Ghost Book (Pan Books, 1971)


Lawrie Wyman – Phantom of the Screen
Winifred Wilkinson – Nothing
James Turner – Double Take
Rosemary Timperley – The Mistress in Black
Avery Taylor – Remember the Roses
Paul Tabori – The Congregation of Rabbi Nachman
Shelley Smith – The Follower
Maggie Ross – The Man Across the River
Jennifer Phillips – Dog in a Chip Shop
Peter Ibbotson – On a Hallowe’en in Suffolk
John Hynam – Four and One More
L.P. Hartley – The Shadow on the Wall
Elizabeth Fancett – When Morning Comes
Richard Davis – A Day Out
Ernest Corbyn – The Tip Off
George Mackay Brown – Mister Scarecrow
Denys Val Baker – The Girl on the Beach
Joan Aiken – The Cold Flame

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scan!

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