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Herbert Van Thal – Pan Horror 16

Posted by demonik on September 17, 2007

Herbert Van Thal – 16th Pan Book Of Horror Stories (Pan, 1975)

pan horror 16

Norman Kaufman – An Experiment With H20
Maureen O’Hara – The Evil Innocent
David Lewis – Diary of the Damned
Giles Gordon – Morning Echo
Harry E Turner – The Tunisian Talking Ferret
Christopher Bray – The Municipal Gardener
Dulcie Gray – Jump To It
Charles Thornton – Debt Paid
Elleston Trevor – The Chicken-Switch
Roger F Dunkley – Virgin Territory
Maureen O’Hara – On the Eve of the Wedding
Lavan E Coberley – Revolt of the Ant People
Raymond Miller – The Time Room
Conrad Hill – The Bushmaster

Thanks to Rog Pile for providing me with a copy of this!

See also Vault’s Pan Horror 16 thread

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