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Herbert Van Thal – Pan Horror 9

Posted by demonik on September 16, 2007

Herbert Van Thal (ed.) – The 9th Pan Book Of Horror Stories  (Pan, 1968)

Pan Horror 9

Raymond Williams – Man-Hunt
Dulce Gray – The Fly
Dorothy K. Haynes – Though Shalt Not Suffer A Witch …
Lindsay Stewart – Strictly For The Birds
Martin Waddell – Bloodthirsty
Adobe James – An Apparition At Noon
Rene Morris – The Baby Machine
Colin Graham – The Best Teacher
Walter Winward – Stick With Me Kid, And You’ll Wear Diamonds
Dulcie Gray – The Happy Return
Raymond Harvey – Father Forgive Me
John Burke – A Comedy Of Terrors
Tim Stout – The Boy Who Neglected His Grass Snake
Lindsay Stewart – Jolly Uncle
W. H. Carr – Mr. Anstey’s Scarecrow
Alex Hamilton – Not Enough Poison
Martin Waddell – Old Feet
Peter Richey – Don’t Avoid The Rush Hour
Eddy C. Bertin – The Whispering Horror
Raymond Williams – Smile Please
A. G. J. Rough – Compulsion
Mary R. Sullivan – Crocodile Way
James McArdwell – The Green Umbilical Chord
Tanith Lee – Eustace

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