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David Sutton & Stephen Jones – Dark Voices 3

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

David Sutton & Stephen Jones (eds.) – Dark Voices # 3: The Pan Book Of Horror (Pan, 1991)

Cover Illustration: Dave Carson

Bob Shaw – A Real Downer
Basil Copper – The Academy Of Pain
Richard Easter – Amy
Ramsey Campbell – The Pattern
Mark Morris – The Company
Lene Kaaberbol – Puss
Brian Lumley – The Picnickers
Melanie Tem – Christmas With Jeremy
Stephen Laws – He Who Laughs
Robert Hood – Nasty little Habits
Charles Wagner – Vision In A T-Bird
Graham Masterton – 5a Bedford Row
Kathe Koja – Impermanent Mercies
David J. Schow – Not From Around Here

Contributors’ notes

See also Vault Of Evil’s Dark Voices 3 thread

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