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Ramsey Campbell – New Terrors

Posted by demonik on September 1, 2007

Ramsey Campbell (ed.) – New Terrors  (Pan 1980)

New Terrors 1

Introduction – Ramsey Campbell

Robert Aickman – The Stains
Steve Rasnic – City Fishing
Lisa Tuttle – Sun City
Manly Wade Wellman – Yare
Tanith Lee – A Room with a Vie
Daphne Castell – Diminishing Landscape with Indistinct Figures
Marc Laidlaw – Tissue
Peter Valentine Timlett – Without Rhyme or Reason
Bob Shaw – Love Me Tender
Gene Wolfe – Kevin Malone
Joan Aiken – Time to Laugh
Kit Reed – Chicken Soup
James Wade – The Pursuer
Graham Masterton – Bridal Suite
Dennis Etchison & Mark Johnson – The Spot
Cherry Wilder – The Gingerbread House
Russell Kirk – Watchers at the Strait Gate
Karl Edward Wagner – .220 Swift
Ramsey Campbell – The Fit

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