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Herbert Van Thal – A Book Of Strange Stories

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

 Herbert Van Thal (ed.) – A Book Of Strange Stories (Pan, 1954)

Book Of Strange Stories

Dorothy L. Sayers – The Cyprian Cat
Dylan Thomas – A Visit to Grandma
Walter De la Mare – “What Dreams May Come”
Aldous Huxley – The Dwarf
Gerald Bullett – Dearth’s Farm
G. Fielden Hughes – The Ends of Justice
L. P. Hartley – The Island
Margery Sharp – The Second Step
Adrian Alington – Lady For Drowning
E. Nesbit – Man-size in Marble
Alan Wykes – Miss Sanders’ Story
Phyllis Bentley – Nemesis
W. Stanley Moss – The Zombie of Alto Parana

Fielden Hughes (with The Mistake), Alan Wykes (Nightmare) and L. P. Hartley (the brilliant doppelganger variation, W.S.) would all be re-united in the first Pan Horror book. The E. Nesbit story seems to have been included in every other ghost story collection published since the year it was written, Bullett’s equine horror Dearth’s Farm made the Fontana Horror books (and several others) and Peter Haining has described the W. Stanley Moss rarety as the most literary zombie storie ever written.

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